Avenue Trust

About Us

Avenue Trust is a safe and experienced pair of hands for the administration and management of complex international structures, based in the financial centre of Guernsey. Our team is able to provide a breadth of wealth structuring solutions, tailored to the requirements of each individual client.

As an independent member of BKR International via its sister company Lince Salisbury, Avenue Trust has the advantage of continuous access to a global network of financial knowledge and professional advisors, in order to ensure that your assets are well nurtured, wherever they are located.

About BKR International

BKR International is ranked in the Top 20 of all worldwide accounting associations, linking experienced financial service providers in over 500 offices across 80 countries. Many member firms also provide wealth management services. BKR International provides regular technical and legislative updates as well as annual worldwide, regional, joint regions and local conferences involving seminars and lectures for member firms. As an independent member, we have access to global resources in order to best service our international client-base.

Guernsey as a Fiduciary Location

Guernsey prides itself in being a leading international finance centre providing both traditional and innovative fiduciary services. It is an early adopter of international tax transparency initiatives and a leader in combating financial crime. Home to approximately 150 fiduciary (trust and company) licensees ranging from multinational organisations to small, independent businesses, Guernsey’s fiduciary services sector offers a number of modern, legally robust, tax efficient or tax neutral wealth structuring services.

Guernsey’s fiduciary services sector has one of the best reputations in the world. With a background spanning over fifty years, it offers a highly regulated, tax-transparent and innovative home for the wealth of all types of investors. As a politically and economically stable country, it offers a safe and secure environment upon which businesses can rely and thrive. A competitive tax environment is favourable for many of our clients, with a zero rate tax for corporate entities, no withholding tax on dividends paid, no capital gains tax, no death duty, no inheritance tax and no stamp duty. Guernsey also benefits from not having a VAT/GST system.

Whilst Guernsey is an entirely independent jurisdiction with its own tax and legal system, its laws are based heavily on English common law and its currency is Pounds Sterling, which often provides the comfort of familiarity to investors. With a population of +62,000, Guernsey is situated between England and France in a geographically accessible region, both via air and sea links.